Collection Services
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Our Services - Commercial

Grimley Financial Corporation specializes in the collection of commercial accounts receivables, representing a wide range of firms from entrepreneurial businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, with a variety of credit and collection issues. We assist businesses to achieve the highest possible recovery rates on accounts referred to us for follow-up, dispute resolution, or collection. Grimley Financial’s diverse resources enable us to apply advanced collection technologies and skilled human intervention to our client’s needs.

GFC prides itself on exceptional quality control and regularly evaluates its strengths and weaknesses. By carefully matching our agency’s capabilities to the needs of our clients, we are able to effectively manage accounts. Monthly case study reviews enable us to collectively analyze the diligence on specific cases that are problematic. These reviews result in a team approach to developing collaborative strategies for collections, resulting in added value and a higher net-back for our clients.

GFC is able to tailor versions of status and performance reports to suit your specific needs. One of the elements of our service we take pride in is our ability to provide flexibility in all aspects of our processes and communications, so that we are able to operate as an extension of your office.

Our success is founded upon the knowledge that to succeed, our representatives must be effective salespeople, motivating each debtor about the benefits of paying their debt. Our representatives utilize customer service oriented communication techniques combined with superior listening skills to produce a far higher likelihood of securing payment from the debtor. All accounts are approached in a professional, yet firm manner with the utmost attention focused upon the relationship between our clients and their customers. We are proud to be a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.