Grimley Financial Corporation is a full service, value added, education and consumer collection agency. We specialize in tuition collection and assist private schools and colleges with their difficult collection accounts. Private schools across the country partner with Grimley Financial Corporation as an extension of their business office because of our pristine reputation, unparalleled liquidity, and strict adherence to all state regulatory compliance. We pride ourselves on helping our clients implement policies and best practices as we collectively endeavor to reduce bad debt exposure. 

Since inception in 1986, Grimley Financial has successfully partnered with many institutions providing customized credit and collection services that go beyond the scope of traditional agency practices. Our goal is to exceed your expectations while providing the highest rate of return. In an industry where loyalty is fleeting, Grimley Financial enjoys long-term client relationships with over 100 private schools nationwide.

Among our cornerstone philosophies is providing quality, cost-effective services. As a centralized education collection agency we have the ability to maintain more stringent quality control measures than offered in larger, multi-branch organizations. Our operations and efficiencies remain state of the art as we invest a significant portion of our annual profits back into quality control and technological enhancements.

Best results in education collections stem from what GFC does best...professionalism, listening skills, and a solution oriented philosophy.  

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