Grimley Financial Corporation (GFC) offers specialized expertise in all areas of Accounts Receivable Cash Flow Management. In addition to providing industry leading recovery for outstanding accounts receivable (AR), GFC also assists businesses, typically with stressed cash flows, with factoring solutions. Factoring: when GFC pays you for your AR at a discount (fee). Your customers will remit payment to GFC directly. Why wait 30, 60, or 90 days for payment? Account Receivable Factoring greatly enhances your cash flow by paying you significantly faster (within 24 hours), thereby freeing up your important cash for immediate needs. We also offer Spot Factoring, which doesn’t require a commitment for all your Accounts Receivables, just the ones you select, something rarely offered in the Factoring Industry. We typically advance 90% for our factoring solutions.


Factoring has been a core component of GFC throughout our 35 years in business. Our mission of providing the best Accounts Receivable Cash Flow Management services while always incorporating professionalism and customer service applies to all services of GFC. Your customer will always be treated with the utmost of respect and dignity in the process. 

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