Grimley Financial fully appreciates that compliance and data security are paramount. With extensive security measures in place, the integrity of our data and client information holds a consistent top level of confidentiality and protection. We constantly monitor the ever changing environment of compliance and federal regulations, implementing changes as necessary. GFC is always ahead of the curve when it comes to maintaining security and giving you peace of mind with your most important asset – your clients’ private information.

Below is a brief description of our security and collection technology:

Network Security: Our network is protected by an advanced sonic wall with direct detection which provides real time virus, malware and phishing protection. We engage the services of an outside IT company to regularly review our network security. GFC also utilizes a cybersecurity firm to perform its annual risk assessment. This 360 degree assessment encompasses the organization, its processes, and its technology and drives the continuous optimization of the firms cybersecurity program. 

Secure Payment Processing: GFC processes consumer payment information over the telephone on a regular basis. We protect consumer payment information by implementing payment information masking. As an agent types the information into their secured point of entry in our collection software, the data is masked. Data is seamlessly transferred to our payment processor and call recordings are paused when payment information is being discussed. GFC also provides a secure payment website for the convenience of consumers.

Industry Leading Collection Software: GFC utilizes Columbia Ultimate’s “The Collector System”, providing compliant integrated technology solutions and maximizing our agents’ performance.

Progressive Phone System: We utilize a secured blended VOIP environment that provides many security and productivity functions, such as call recording, internal do not call list, repetitive call prohibition, and a standalone outbound dialer platform to comply with TCPA regulations. Our phone system allows us to provide callers with an automatic call back option under specific circumstances and gives us the ability to monitor our call queues in real time.

Education/Training: GFC is proud to be PCI compliant and all GFC staff are required to be HIPAA certified and get recertified every two years. GFC adheres to the FDCPA and is a member of ACA International for Credit and Collection Professionals.